What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Your Puja Room On Maha Shivratri?

Maha Shivratri?

Design and arrange your home with 24-carat gold-plated photo frames of Lord Shiva on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri. Know some of the best tips to decorate your home. 

Maha Shivratri is a celebration in the honor of Lord Shiva. The day is all about worshipping Mahadev, arranging puja and religious ceremonies. According to their beliefs, on this day he married Goddess Parvati and also saved life on earth by drinking the poison found during Samudra manthan. Thus, devotees show their reverence and respect to Shiva by worshipping him with complete devotion and divine gift items

As you  prepare your home for the elaborate rituals, and your body for a day-long fast, let your home look festive on this auspicious day. 

Decorating the Puja Room:

On the day of Maha Shivratri, your puja room should take center stage and be a  space that radiates a positive aura. Decking up the sacred place beautifully will make your day more special and filled with happiness. Here are some tips on how you can get started:

  • Arrange all the essential puja samagris in your best brass vessels that are clean and in the best conditions. 
  • Set water, milk or yogurt, and rose water in a round pot, along with some tea light candles. This will not only make your puja room look surreal but will also have a beautiful aroma. 
  • Place 24 ct Gold Plated foil of Shiva MDF frame made up of medium density fibreboard in your puja room. 
  • Bring home a double-sided coin of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva measuring 2.8 cm in diameter with a 24 Ct. Gold foil. The love and affection of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga inspire all of us and this spiritual coin will always set the right example in front of us. 
  • Hang torans and flower garlands on the wall, arrange garlands around the idols and the photo frames. Decking up your home with flowers like marigolds, jasmine, orchids, rose petals, will surely enhance the beauty of the room even more. 

Apart from the puja room, you can also keep the divine blessings of Lord Shiva with you wherever you go by keeping Lord Shiva’s car frame. It is beautifully illustrated in a golden metallic frame with a foil size of 3.5 CM DIA.


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