Untold Story Beyond The Birth Of Laddoo Gopal

Laddoo Gopal

There are various ways to worship Lord Krishna, but possessing the deity of his Laddoo Gopal form is considered divine. People can worship the lord with Laddoo Gopal photo frames in case the deity is unavailable. The impact of daily worshipping brings positivity into a person’s life and blesses them with constant happiness.

The story of the name Laddoo Gopal is as follows:

There was a disciple of Lord Krishna who used to worship the deity he had daily with faith, dedication & discipline. No matter what, he never missed worshipping the god & always offered the food to the lord before consuming it himself. Once, he had to go out for some days due to some reason which might break his daily tradition of worshipping, but he found a way to keep the tradition intact.

He went to work but addressed his son Raghunandan and told him to offer the prepared food to the lord at the usual time. And his son did as described, but he noticed that the food on the plate was as it was when offered. Seeing that little boy started asking the deity to intake the provided food, but nothing happened, and he started crying. Observing the behaviour & pure heart of the child, Lord Krishna appeared in the form of a child & ate the food.

When he returned, the father asked for Prashad, but the son told him that god ate the whole food. This continued as the child form of the lord kept coming every day to have the offered food. Then one day, the disciple hid and decided to observe what happened. And on that day, when the son offered the Laddos, the child appeared and started eating the offered Laddoos. Looking at this, the disciple started worshipping the child eating offered Laddoos. 

When the disciple came out, the lord was holding Laddoos in his little fists and was about to eat them. But due to the appearance of the disciple, the child froze into the same position and never appeared again. Later, the disciple started worshipping the deity of a child holding laddoo instead of his regular one. This is how Lord Krishna got the name of Laddoo Gopal, and people began worshipping the lord in that form. It is also okay to worship the photo frame instead of the deity, which is available at diviniti as 24-carat gold plated Laddoo Gopal dg frames.

All believe that Laddo Gopal often fulfils the wishes of his disciples & blesses them with a healthy & happy life. On Raksha Bandhan, any girl or woman who does not have a brother tends to worship the Laddoo Gopal and request him for protection. We offer 24-carat gold plated Bal Gopal signature frames to make this happen at diviniti at a reasonable price.

There are many worshipping Lord Krishna in various forms. Diviniti has made it easy to worship the lord with offerings of gold plated signature and dg frames of Bal Gopal at affordable prices.

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