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Santoshi Mata ritual

There are many rituals mentioned in the Hinduism Puranas, or previous generations put them into knowledge to worship. Each vrat into existence has a story to back and an assured result. As per the inherited learnings of earlier generations, we worship specific planets and gods each day of the week.

Friday is for Santoshi Mata and the planet Venus or Shukra. Also, to impress the Goddess of wealth, Mata Laxmi Fasting on Friday is followed. You can buy divine gifts for your dear ones to help them worship the spiritual power at home.

To please the Santoshi Mata, women follow a ritual vrat of fasting on 16 consecutive Fridays. Successful completion of this ritual vrat with purity brings wealth and happiness home. To begin the vrat at home, anyone can purchase gold-plated god frames and start worshipping.

Vrat katha as per the Puranas:

In the family of a woman with seven sons, the youngest one was irresponsible. So mother used to serve him stale food in daily meals. The son’s wife became aware of the fact and conveyed it to him. He then left the house and earned a fortune. Then the wife performed the vrat of 16 consecutive Fridays, and as a result, Santoshi Mata reminded her husband about her in his dream. Then her husband returned and set up a separate household for both of them. 

On Udyapana day, i.e. on the 16th of Friday, the family fed the forbidden sour food to all. This change brought terrible luck home, and the husband got arrested. The wife again performed the vrat to free her husband and made it happen. Later, when the family was not around, one day, Santoshi Mata came to visit her with a hidden identity, but the wife recognized her. She worshipped her with proper meals and pleased her with devotion. Afterward, the family sought forgiveness from the Santoshi Mata, and she blessed them with wealth and happiness. 

Considerations for fast:

  • The most important rule of this ritual Vrat is that no one in the family should intake anything sour on Fridays of Vrat.
  • Women keep the fast from Sunrise to Sunset on Friday. The women observe one meal after the sunset of the day.
  • Then worship the idol of the Goddess, decorate it with fragrant flowers and have incense sticks burning in the place. In case of the unavailability of an idol, you can buy gold-plated god frames to worship.
  • On the 16th Friday, on the day of Udyapana, offer the Prashad of kheer, jaggery, puri and chickpeas to the deity and later distribute it to eight children with Dakshina, i.e. cash. Women can also look for diviniti gift items having spiritual significance to distribute among the other devotees.

Friday fasting is to please Mata Santoshi, a kind version of Maa Durga. It also represents the planet Venus or Shukra which symbolizes wealth and joy. Successful completion of Vrat keeps the serenity and wealth for a long time in the family. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Diviniti website and bring peace to your home with exquisite Mata Santoshi photo frames.

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