Unbreakable Bond Of Love Between Shiva And Parvati? Read this to find out

Shiva And Parvati

The mythology of Hinduism has given us many unbreakable love stories to follow and manifest. It has lessons for almost everything. These stories have been the footsteps to follow while worshipping supremacy. Anyone can buy spiritual products online for worshipping.

To represent love, Hinduism has a perfect couple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They have been together, balancing each other’s temperament and powers. Those who are searching for love worship this couple. People can purchase Customised frames to worship them.

Story of divine love:

Lord Shiva lost all his interest in life after the death of his beloved wife, Sati. He withdrew and went to seclude himself at Mountain Kailash in the Himalayas. There he began his intense meditation and ignored everything else. 

This worried others, and eventually, they went to Goddess Sati for help. She promised to be reborn as Parvati and bring Shiva back to the state of normalcy. Sati was then born to King Himavat, who named her Parvati, which means Parvat, i.e. mountains. 

Story of Parvati’s dedication, sacrifice, and persistence:

From a young age, Parvati had a love for Shiva in her heart. As she grew up into a woman, her feeling got stronger, and she decided to pursue them. Later she started going to the cave where Shiva was meditating and started cleaning and decorating it. Afterward, she began taking fruits there for him, but nothing brought any results.

Then Parvati went to Priti and Rati, Goddess of Love and longing. Also, she asked for help from the Kama, who was the lord of love and passion. This bore no fruits of love but became a disturbance in his meditation and brought out his anger. Shiva opened his third eye and turned the Kama into ashes. Parvati promised to bring the Kama back once she wins over the heart of Shiva and gets married to him.

Parvati then decided to please Shiva through an intense penance. She sacrificed all comforts and went into the forest to endure the most brutal ways. She walked barefoot in the snow, sat under the burning sun, stood still on one foot, and kept meditating. 

Shiva was impressed and understood everything about Parvati and how much she had been through to get him as her husband. Amused with her hardships and dedication, he finally agreed to marry Parvati. Once married, Parvati brought back the Kama as promised, and Shiva-Parvati made Kailash their abode to live forever. Customised frames of them together can be kept at home for inspiration and worshipping.

As a result, many unmarried girls follow fasts and worship Goddess Parvati to get a compatible husband and love. Also, married women worship her for well being of their husbands. They can buy spiritual products online as and when required. 

This unbreakable love story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati has always been a symbolic story of love. This couple has given the example of hardships one needs to go through to win over the love and dedication to keep it blossoming forever. Check out the Diviniti website and order today!

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