This Divine Fasting Welcomes Peace And Serenity Near You!

Divine Fasting

Hinduism is full of many divine rituals to pray and please the respective god or goddess for a while. Consequently, these rituals turned into a tradition and are now followed by people under the impression of “vrat”. 

Vrats usually are about worshipping a god or goddess with a whole heart. The supremacy later blesses hardships in the way after considering the devotion. With this objective nowadays anyone can buy spiritual products online required for the practice and worship of the ultimate power.

Similarly, Females of various communities follow Gauri vrat for the purpose of worshipping the goddess Parvati. This vrat also has a popular name “Morakat vrat” and “Jaya Parvati vrat”. Behind Gauri Vrat is a legend story that a Brahmin couple prayed to Lord Shiva. They had everything but a child to raise and love. After considering their devotion, he later blessed them with a healthy child.


As a result, unmarried girls celebrate this divine ritual mainly to worship Devi Parvati to get a compatible husband. Accordingly, married women follow the vrat for the well-being of their husbands. Undoubtedly, this festival is also auspicious for prosperous harvest reaping.

Who performs the Gauri Vrat:

Unmarried girls perform this vrat hoping to get a good husband. Married women also serve this ritual for the well-being of their husbands. Further, they seek the blessing of Goddess Parvati by celebrating this ritual to get a compatible husband and well-being for him. They can buy spiritual products online required for vrat.

Duration of Vrat:

Girls and women observe this vrat for 5 days, 7 days or 9 days. They celebrate the ritual for a period of 5 to 11 years.

The ritual begins on Ashadha Shukla Paksha Ekadashi and concludes on Ashadha Poornima Tithi, i.e. full moon day. The concluding day marks the birthday of Maharshi Ved Vyas, who authored Mahabharata and furthermore concurs with Guru Poornima. 

Methods Of Performing The Gauri Vrat?

  • Firstly women sow wheat seeds in an earthen pot and keep it in a divine aura. There are customised frames available online to have and pray.
  • Then they prepare a woollen necklace to decorate the pot and embellish it with kumkum or sindoor.
  • During this period, women avoid food with salt and vegetables.
  • Meanwhile, they water the wheat germ daily and, in conclusion, flow the same into the holy river.
  • On a concluding day, women stay awake the whole night and celebrate Lord Parvati with bhajans and aartis in front of customised frames of the Goddess.
  • Women break their fast by having nutritious food containing grains, vegetables and salt. As a result of the successful completion of the ritual, they can distribute gifts signifying holiness among the group. They can search gift articles at home decor gift items online.

This Gauri vrat is considered one very auspicious vrat among the women devotees. They follow the ritual and celebrate the Goddess Parvati to ode for her intense penance. Women follow it to get the blessing from her to get a compatible husband and his well-being. So, you can visit to 24 carat gold plated mdf photo frames for your place.

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