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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Gold Plated Gifts For Loved Ones

Gold-Plated Gifts For Loved Ones

Gold plated present is one of the most popular gifts in the market. Keep reading the blog to know more about gold plated photo and other gifting items.

Gold plated gifts are a popular choice for those who want to give a luxurious and elegant present without breaking the bank. However, before you make your purchase, there are a few things you should know to ensure that you are making an informed decision. In this blog post, we will go over the key points to keep in mind when buying gold plated gift items.

What is Gold Plating?

Gold plating is a process where a layer of gold is coated onto a base metal or alloy to create a surface that looks like gold. The gold used for plating can range from 14k to 24k, and the thickness of the layer can vary as well.

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Can Hanuman Mantra Give You A Disease-Free Body?

Hanuman Mantra

It is a very common characteristic of humans to turn to God for support and help when nothing else seems to work around. In Hinduism, there is one specific deity to look up to for help to fulfil your needs. One can follow the recited way of worshipping God and get the desired results. Many tough vrats are also mentioned in Puranas to fulfil the desire at the earliest.

Similarly, Lord Hanumana is one of the Gods who always be there for his devotees whenever they pray for help. Hanumana is the son of Anjani and Vayudevata, who symbolises strength and devotion. He is also the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. Lots of devotees adore Lord Hanuman for his strength, devotion and power.

The Lord is also famous for his Panchamukhi identity. This identity denotes fice symbols of devotion such as Naman, Smaram, Keerthanam, Yachanam and Arpanam. It is very encouraging to have Lord Hanumana in that form at home. Panchamukhi hanuman MDF photo frames are readily available to keep at the house facing north.

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Untold Ritual On Fridays Can Bring Home Wealth! Find Out Here

Santoshi Mata ritual

There are many rituals mentioned in the Hinduism Puranas, or previous generations put them into knowledge to worship. Each vrat into existence has a story to back and an assured result. As per the inherited learnings of earlier generations, we worship specific planets and gods each day of the week.

Friday is for Santoshi Mata and the planet Venus or Shukra. Also, to impress the Goddess of wealth, Mata Laxmi Fasting on Friday is followed. You can buy divine gifts for your dear ones to help them worship the spiritual power at home.

To please the Santoshi Mata, women follow a ritual vrat of fasting on 16 consecutive Fridays. Successful completion of this ritual vrat with purity brings wealth and happiness home. To begin the vrat at home, anyone can purchase gold-plated god frames and start worshipping.

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Unbreakable Bond Of Love Between Shiva And Parvati? Read this to find out

Shiva And Parvati

The mythology of Hinduism has given us many unbreakable love stories to follow and manifest. It has lessons for almost everything. These stories have been the footsteps to follow while worshipping supremacy. Anyone can buy spiritual products online for worshipping.

To represent love, Hinduism has a perfect couple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They have been together, balancing each other’s temperament and powers. Those who are searching for love worship this couple. People can purchase Customised frames to worship them.

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Hindu Concept Of Observing Fasts In The Sawan Month

Sawan Month

Sawan month is considered the holiest month of the year. On the night of the full moon, i.e. Poornima of this month, Shravan nakshatra or stars rules the sky. This month got its name due to this occurrence. It is devoted to the Lord shiva. As a result, all the devotees of Shiva worship him with Bel-Patra and fragrant flowers. Moreover, to worship Lord Shiva, anyone can buy gold-plated god frames to keep at home.

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This Divine Fasting Welcomes Peace And Serenity Near You!

Divine Fasting

Hinduism is full of many divine rituals to pray and please the respective god or goddess for a while. Consequently, these rituals turned into a tradition and are now followed by people under the impression of “vrat”. 

Vrats usually are about worshipping a god or goddess with a whole heart. The supremacy later blesses hardships in the way after considering the devotion. With this objective nowadays anyone can buy spiritual products online required for the practice and worship of the ultimate power.

Similarly, Females of various communities follow Gauri vrat for the purpose of worshipping the goddess Parvati. This vrat also has a popular name “Morakat vrat” and “Jaya Parvati vrat”. Behind Gauri Vrat is a legend story that a Brahmin couple prayed to Lord Shiva. They had everything but a child to raise and love. After considering their devotion, he later blessed them with a healthy child.

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Untold Mystery Of Jagannath Puri Temple

Jagannath Puri Temple

Jagannath is one form of Lord Vishnu, among many others. The auspicious time of the God Jagannath is at Puri Odisha in India. This temple is the most sacred place to visit as it is one place from the Chardham pilgrimages. To worship the Lord in your own home as per your time, we at diviniti offer gold-plated god frames.

King Antavarman Chodaganga built this temple. According to the legendary story King Indradyumna, Son of Bharata, began the temple’s construction. At that time, people used the name Neela Madhava to worship Jagannath. After the disappearance of Deity of Neela Madhava from the cave, the king observed a fast till death. After listening to a voice ensuring him a sight of Lord Jagannath, he built a temple for Lord Vishnu (Narishma). Later, Lord Jagannath directed the king to fragrant neem wood near the seashore through a dream. They carved installed idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan Chakra from the same wood. Considering the divinity, MDF frames depicting the idols are available at diviniti for purchase.

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Where To Place Buddha Statue At Home

Buddha Statue

Your peaceful house must address what you believe. A Buddha statue is a sheer portrayal of serenity and peace. Vastu specialists have recommended putting the Buddha in your home to keep positive and amicable energy.

As per Vastu, putting the Buddha statues or customized buddha frames in better places in your home can affect your emotional well-being and harmony. This is because strength and a solid perspective are connected to our living place.

Buddha statues are one of the consistently reliable symbols that helps to get harmony and calmness into your home. The question that arises regarding stylistic theme and placement is where to keep the Buddha statue in the house and how?

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How To Meditate With Yantra & What Are Its Benefits In Daily Life?


Yantras are made to harness the celestial energies of gods and goddesses. Discover more about the power of meditating with yantra in this all-inclusive guide.

A yantra is a geometrical diagram that is found in different shapes like circles, squares or lotus leaves. Moreover, these divine elements represent the energy fields of special deities. Check out the complete detail about yantra here.

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What Is The Divine Power Of Reciting Ayatul Kursi?

Ayatul Kursi

Regarded as the most vigorous verse in the Quran, Ayatul Kursi has a number of benefits. Discover how storing Ayatul Kursi frames in our homes foster happiness.

Ayatul Kursi arrives in the Madani Surah and in the 2nd Sura of the Quran. Everyone is strongly encouraged to learn it by heart and recite it whenever possible. Moreover, it is the 255th verse. 

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