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In Knots About Gifting This Eid Al-Fitr? We Got You Covered!

eid celebration

Ramadan is surely the holiest month of the year for Muslims. Eid Al-Fitr celebrates the end of the pious month, Ramadan. Exchanging divine gifts online with loved ones is a dear practice on this day. So, if you are muddled about the gifting part, we are here to your rescue. Keep reading!

Being thoughtful doesn’t cost us a thing. 30 days of fasting during Ramadan teaches us to stay grounded, be the source of someone’s happiness and forgive those who did wrong. To quote Prophet Muhammad’s famous saying, “Give gifts for they build love among you.” Keeping that in mind, we have crafted some eloquently designed gold plated gift items for handing out to your friends and families. 

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Is Gold Plating Different Than Imitation Gold Plating

If you buy gold plated gifts, you must have noted a visible difference in their shine. An imitation gold plating product looks utterly different from a gold-plated. 

Gold plating and imitation gold plating are two different methods used to achieve a similar outcome – a shiny, gold-like appearance on a surface. However, the difference between the two lies in the actual materials used and the durability of the finish. For example, gold plated bookmarks and an imitation gold plated bookmark will never look the same. 

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7 Things You Must Know Before Buying Gold-Plated Jewellery

gold plated gift

Have you ever considered purchasing gold-plated gift items? If yes, then this is the best chance to learn the basics. Sit back and read this blog till the end. 

Gold plating is another name for applying a layer of gold to some other metal. Compared to gold products, these are much less costly. 24 carat gold gift items are the most sought-after. However, given below are some facts that you must know before indulging in gold-plated jewellery buying. 

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Why Gold Plated Gifts Are Elegant Choice For Any Occasion?

gold plated gift

Whether it is a big fat wedding or an intimate ceremony, 24 carat gold gift items are always ideal for every occassion. Hence, they deserve a special place.

While gold gifts might appear a little expensive, gold-plated gifts are much better. Not only are they budget-friendly but also look equally elegant. As a result, customized wedding photo frames are very much in demand nowadays. 

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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Gold Plated Gifts For Loved Ones

Gold-Plated Gifts For Loved Ones

Gold plated present is one of the most popular gifts in the market. Keep reading the blog to know more about gold plated photo and other gifting items.

Gold plated gifts are a popular choice for those who want to give a luxurious and elegant present without breaking the bank. However, before you make your purchase, there are a few things you should know to ensure that you are making an informed decision. In this blog post, we will go over the key points to keep in mind when buying gold plated gift items.

What is Gold Plating?

Gold plating is a process where a layer of gold is coated onto a base metal or alloy to create a surface that looks like gold. The gold used for plating can range from 14k to 24k, and the thickness of the layer can vary as well.

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What Is Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat & What Are The Puja Vidhi?

Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat

Get ready to buy Lord Vishnu’s gold plated god frames on 3rd March 2023, because that’s the day of Amalaki Ekadashi. This blog is all about the divine vrat and vidhi.

In our culture, Amlaki means Amla which is the primary ingredient in Ayurveda. As per Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu was fond of Amla tree and it was his habitat. Being the home of the divine deity, people worship him right beneath the tree. Worshippers buy divine gifts on this day and give it to their families and friends. 

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Know about Vijaya Ekadashi & what gifts to buy for loved ones

vijaya ekadashi gifts

Observing a fast on Vijaya Ekadashi is an ancient spiritual practice that has been passed down for generations. Know where you can buy divine gifts for friends and bands. 

Vijaya Ekadashi is the 11th day after the full moon in the Magh Krishna Paksha and is celebrated in the Phalguna month according to the Purnimant calendar. The day is named after Vijaya, one of the Dwarapalas of Shri Vishnu’s heavenly abode, Vaikuntha.

Why is Vijay Ekadashi popular?

Ekadashi occurs twice in a lunar month and is a day when the body does not demand food. It is a part of the human physiology cycle called a mandala, which occurs approximately every 40 to 48 days.

Benefits of Observing a Fast on Vijaya Ekadashi

Observing a fast on Vijaya Ekadashi is considered to be an auspicious and spiritual act, and is believed to bring blessings and positive results. The fast is said to purify the body and mind and can bring peace, harmony, and well-being.

To observe the fast on Vijaya Ekadashi, a person should abstain from food and water and can consume a mixture of water, Sanjeevini health mix, jaggery, and mixed paste.

Gifts for loved ones

India is a country that honours originality in entertainment through its many festivals. Every celebration is enthusiastically observed by all. On such momentous occasions, families, close friends, and loved ones can give each other greetings and well wishes by exchanging distinctive online 24 carat gold gift items.

Divine frames:

For mdf photo frame online for deities like Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and many more, Diviniti provides a wide range of alternatives. Additionally, businesses might offer personalised frames with an embossed symbol or company logo.

Double glass frames are rising in value and favour in the field of frames. They gain greater attention by using appealing images. These types of frames come in a wide variety with several alternatives.

Clocks on walls:

Diviniti offers a wide variety of wall clock alternatives. It can also be a fantastic choice for business gifts. The double sided glass frame can be kept in any company office’s entryway. To go along with the celebrations, this choice is also offered in spiritual themes. Wall clocks come in a range of gift products with 24-carat gold plating.

Home Decor Item: 

A straightforward home decor present will quickly and readily provide joy to your loved ones. Not only do they all adore it, but they also contribute value. It is time to buy gold plated home decor and wall decoration items for living room. They might not have anticipated this, but when they open the present and look inside, they will be shocked.


The fast is believed to bring blessings and positive results and is a way to purify the body and mind. By following the fast and adhering to the vrat rules, a person can deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their inner self.

The Diviniti selection of gifts includes everything from spiritual gifts to home decor.  Our superior quality products, easy payment methods, and innovative designs are hard to overlook. You can choose customized frames, wall clocks, religious photo frames, 24 carat gift items etc.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Gold Plated Gift Item

When going to the market to buy gold plated wall clocks, there are various questions that come to mind. This blog aims to offer answers to most of your gold plated gift queries.

Gold plating refers to the application of a gold layer to another metal. The biggest reason why people opt for gold plated gift items is due to their affordability. In today’s market, it is the most widely bought item. But there are some

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Saraswati Puja: The True Essence Of Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami brings a wave of happiness to our minds. It marks the beginning of spring and the divine Saraswati Puja celebrations. Gear yourself up for bringing a gold plated photo of Maa Saraswati and have a celebration like no other.

In the Hindu religion, Saraswati Puja has the utmost importance. This is the time when winter comes to an end and greenery blossoms everywhere the eyes go. The wind smells sweet and we know it is time to start shopping for Saraswati Puja celebrations. People start buying gold plated gift items for their friends and family.

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Celebrate The Devotional Festival Of Makar Sankranti

Festival Of Makar Sankranti

The Festival of Makar Sankranti is an auspicious festival that is incomplete without gold-plated god photos. Dive deep into the blog and let’s know more about the divine festival.

As per the legends, this special day is when Lord Son meets his son Shani for the very first time. Another belief is that on the day of Makar Sankranti, the terror of Ashura came to an end by Lord Krishna. Thus this period is a symbol of the demolition of evil power and this is why people buy divine gifts during this time. 

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