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Buy Acrylic Car Dashboard Photo Stand for Your New Car

acrylic car framesBuying a car also requires you to buy a car frame. Here’s why you should choose acrylic car dashboard photo stand for your vehicle.

With the festive season right around the corner, people are busy shopping for new things. A lot of people love treating themselves with more significant gifts like a car. Cars are usually on offers during the festive days, and that’s why many people buy it during this time. With a car, you also need a car dashboard frame. We often get confused about how to choose the right car frame. According to Indian culture, it is essential to bless any new objects with the blessing of God. When someone purchases a new home, they hold a housewarming puja. Similarly, when a new car is purchased, it is first taken to the temple to worship it. It is done to get the blessings of God for the new beginnings and also to protect the new vehicle from any evil eyes. Car idols are an essential part of every car. The best kind of frame to purchase is an acrylic car dashboard photo stand. Continue reading Buy Acrylic Car Dashboard Photo Stand for Your New Car

The Benefits of Investing In A Franchisee of Corporate Gifts

corporate giftsOne of the popular form of business is investing in a franchisee where people can buy gold plated home decor at a really low rate. Read on to know more.

A prevalent form of business in recent days is being a franchisee and investing in a franchise. A franchise is a chain of an already existing business. The investor is known as a franchisee. You have to pay a specific investment amount to be a franchisee, and the company develops the data, format, contract, etc. A franchisee is a great way to become a successful business owner. You can even invest in a franchise which allows people to buy fancy divine gifts online. Investing in a franchise is a massive step for a person. It can involve a lot of risks if not chosen correctly. A lot of research goes into before investing in a business. Continue reading The Benefits of Investing In A Franchisee of Corporate Gifts

Some Divine Gift Ideas for the Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi

fancy divine giftsGanesh Chaturthi is right around the corner and here are some gift ideas for the festival. From acrylic car frames to gold plated home decor get them all.

Ganesh Chaturthi is knocking at the door, and people celebrate it in all parts of the country with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. All the store does great business during this time. Ganesh Chaturthi is believed to be celebrating the birth of Ganesha. According to mythology, Goddess Parvati created Lord Ganesha out of some sandalwood paste when Lord Shiva was not there. People in Maharashtra mostly celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi, and the celebration lasts for almost eleven days. It became a massive festival in the Maratha religion when Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj organized it after winning the war against the Mughals. In the 19th century after a public request by Indian freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak, adopted it as a means to overcome the colonial British government ban on Hindu gatherings through its anti-public assembly legislation in 1892. It is the known history of Ganesh Chaturthi. If you have an invitation for Ganesh Chaturthi, then get them some fancy divine gifts online. Continue reading Some Divine Gift Ideas for the Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi

The Salient Advantages of Choosing Metallic Car Frames

metallic car framesOwning a car is like having a baby. Metallic car frames are the best ones to choose for your car dashboard. Read on to know more.

Everyone dreams of owning a car at least once in their lifetime. It is a prized possession of everyone that owns it. In order to elude accidents or bad luck, it is important to bless and worship a car. Buying that first car is an achievement of a lifetime. There’s a certain sense of fulfilment that one gets after getting their latest car. The expense of going through the whole procedure of getting a new car can be quite heavy. Besides the modification and doing the interiors it is also important to bless your new car with the car dashboard photo frames. The right placement of lord is necessary. It is quite tricky to buy car frames as there are lots of options available. The best car dashboard god frames to buy are metallic car frames. Continue reading The Salient Advantages of Choosing Metallic Car Frames

Divine Gift Items for Krishna Janmasthami

bal gopal photo frameJanamasthmi is right around the corner and preparations for this auspicious day is going around in full swing. You should definitely buy Krishna gift items.

Krishna Janmasthami is knocking at the doors. People across the country celebrate this auspicious day very grandly. It is known as the birthday of our beloved Krishna Ji. Janmashtami is celebrated o the eight-day of Krishna Paksha. It is believed that Krishna was born at midnight on the eight-day of Bhadra month. People celebrate this day by fasting, singing, keeping a puja ceremony and so on. It is widely celebrated in Krishna’s hometown Mathura. All the Krishna temples are decorated in a divine manner. People gather at midnight during Krishna’s birth ceremony. There are many stories revolving around the naughtiness of Krishna and how big of a heart he had. You can buy some Krishna gift items to celebrate Janmasthami. Continue reading Divine Gift Items for Krishna Janmasthami

The Benefits of Keeping Gold Plated Coins By Your Side

24k gold plated coinsThe Gold plated Laxmi coins are the new way to keep Laxmi ma by your side. There are many benefits of keeping gold plated coins.

One thing that is common with people all over the world is problems, stress, anxiety, fear, loss, worries, etc. It is important to keep ourselves calm and composed. There are ample ways which you can use to keep yourself relaxed but there is nothing more comforting than God’s blessing. We require god’s blessing for everything. Be it a new car or new home, purifying it with worshipping cannot be missed. Every new chapter in life is marked with God’s blessing. He is also the one who will comfort you in your hard times. However, it is not always possible to keep his idol or image with you as it is really inconvenient. This is when coins like gold-plated Laxmi coins will help you through the tough time. If you have a gold-plated god coin, then it can benefit you in many ways. Continue reading The Benefits of Keeping Gold Plated Coins By Your Side

Fancy Divine Gifts Online for Raksha Bandhan

gifts for rakhi onlineRaksha Bandhan is around the corner and every brother-sister is worried about what gifts to get. Well, now you can get gifts for rakhi online which will save your time.

There are many different stories about how such a beautiful occasion like Raksha Bandhan evolved. Some say it is the story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. It is believed that once Lord Krishna cut his finger while picking sugarcane and Draupadi who was in the sight tore a bit of her saree and wrapped it around his finger. In return, Krishna saved Draupadi from embarrassment while she was being harassed in the kingdom by making her saree never-ending. Another story says the Yamuna tied a rakhi on her brother Yama’s hand. Yama became happy and granted her immortality and also declared that whenever a sister ties rakhi on a brother’s hand and promised to protect her would also become immortal. There are also many more stories, the list will go on. Whatever the legend may be, Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in the heart of all siblings. Everyone looks forward to this day. With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, you must be wondering what gifts to give. Well, a divine event calls for divine gifts. Now you can get gifts for rakhi online which will save your time. This post will discuss about what divine gifts you can gift to your sibling on this auspicious day.
Continue reading Fancy Divine Gifts Online for Raksha Bandhan

How to Choose the Right Acrylic Photo Frame for Car

acrylic car photo framesAcrylic car frames are a convenient and affordable choice when it comes to photo frames for car dashboard. There are definitely some ways to choose the right acrylic car frames.

Cars are a prized possession of human beings. They invest a lot when they buy a car. Someone spends the savings of a lifetime while some pay EMI for a lifetime. No matter what, it is a dream come true for everyone who owns a car. In order to avoid accidents and misfortunes, it is important to bless and worship a car. Most people get confused on the factor that which photo frame to choose for car dashboard. The most convenient option is acrylic car frames. These photo frames are lightweight and they do not break at sudden jolts. Keeping a photo frame in the car is of utmost importance in order to protect it from negativity and evil eyes. Besides the modification and doing the interiors it is also important to bless your new car with god’s blessings. In order to keep his blessings right by your side all the time buy acrylic car photo frames. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Acrylic Photo Frame for Car

Eid Mubarak: 5 Places to Eat out in Capital on Eid-Al-Fitr

Eid Mubarak: 5 Places to Eat out in Capital on Eid-Al-Fitr
Eid Mubarak: 5 Places to Eat out in Capital on Eid-Al-Fitr

I’ve been in Delhi for Five years now, and I must admit the journey so far has been pretty fantastic. Not just because of the homely feeling you experience in spite of surrounded by many different cultures on offer here, but also because of the constant surprises the city threw at me at every moment.

No matter what faith or religion you are born in, the charm of this city gives you an opportunity to experience every culture in the best way possible. With the Joy of this holiest Month of Ramadan the city is all set to welcome the fever of Eid –Al- Fitr. The entire schedule of the city is rewired to suit Ramadan Times. The food joints work from sunset to sunrise, making sure there is an appetizing array of food all night.

The festive time of Eid is here and I am sure many would celebrate it with family at home. But For those who are just like me a bachelor working far from home, don’t be sad, The Capital offers the best place to have a scrumptious meal on a festive day. Here are five places to enjoy!

Jama Masjid:

Jama Masjid undeniably tops every list when it comes to having world’s most delicious kebabs, Ghosht, Khameeri roti and all the luscious Mughlai delicacies you can think of. Eid is the best time to Visit this place.

Try the upteem kabab points around the area and if you are not full, sit in one of the quaint restaurants which are serving the best food since ages. Al Jawahar and Karim’s are both very popular in their own sphere and one should not miss their Aloo Ghosht and Mutton Stew. Don’t forget to rejoice the festivity with Shahi Tukra and Phirni at the end.


To escape from the chaotic metro life, people from all walks of life visit Nizamuddin to seek solace and blessing of God. Hazrat Nizamuddin is the dargah of one of the world’s most famous Sufi saints, Nizamuddin Auliya.

Yes, this is the same dargah that is featured in our favorite song “Kun Faya Kun”.

Nizamuddin is also a hub to city’s best Biryani and mouth-watering Kababs.

You will also find a Kashmiri spread at Gulfam Kashmiri Wazwan where the Yakhni is a must try. Walk down the road that leads to the Dargah to find kabab and roasted chicken counters where people line up every evening. Ghalib Kabab Corner is one of the most well known of the lot.

Al Bake:

Anyone and everyone in Delhi knows about the amazing Shawarma at Al Bake in the Community Center Market in New Friends Colony. The place is always crowded and you may have to wait for the order, but it is totally worth it. The joint is pocket-friendly and the creamy curd chutney will have you licking your fingers.


This Sufi style family restaurant in Hauz Khas Village is new but the serene ambiance is perfect for a family. Must have dishes are Galuoti Kabab, Raas Chicken Tikka, Kashmiri Gucchi Shorba and Lahori Mutton among others.

Hyderabad House:

If we talk about Eid special food how can we miss Hyderabadi cuisine, Hyderabad house has some beautiful Kheema Lukmi (Mutton puffs) and Biryani but the specialty of this place is the Haleem. It is as close to the authentic Hyderabadi Haleem as you can have in Delhi. But do try the Qubani Ka Mitha – an apricot based dessert.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Meditation

Tree of Life – Home Decor: Meditation/Recreational Goods

Meditation is a state of consciousness where the mind is free from all scattered thoughts. Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. It means awareness. Whatever you do with consciousness is meditation. During the state of meditation, one can realize that all his activity of the mind is reduced to one. It is a state of Deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. Gautam Buddha teachings also mentioned the power of Meditation. It awakens the feeling of self responsibility and self respect among people. It fosters spiritual progress by engaging the thinking power of human being.

Gone are the days when people use to think that meditation is something that can be only achieved by sitting in yogi pose and chanting prayers. One can meditate while doing his daily chores as well. If done right meditation can be as quick as breathing.
Surprisingly after all the popularity, still today very few people truly know what meditation is all about. Here we have summed it up 10 things about meditation you still need to know.

1- Meditation is a state of Thoughtless Awareness

Some people think that meditation is the mental concentration on something; we imagine something that gives us peace and satisfaction. In reality, it is not an act of doing but an act of self-awareness. A person can be in meditation while doing his daily work. One just needs to know what state of mind makes him feel connected to himself. You don’t need to sit in a fancy lotus pose on the top of the hill to meditate.

2- Meditation is more than relaxing

It is true that the core purpose of meditation is to relax the mind and body to attain inner peace. But meditation creates self awareness and nurtures the mind to work efficiently. Meditation trains your mental ability to become more alert and aware.

3- Meditation makes you a happy person

When we meditate our parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, it tells our body to keep calm and rest. This calming effect allows us to help breathing slower which sets our mood happier.

4- Meditation is not a complex concept

There is a common myth about meditation is that it’s a difficult things which can be attain with practice. There is no right or wrong way to meditate; you create your own experiences while meditating. You just need to figure out what works for you.

5- Meditation makes us more efficient-

Meditation boosts concentration and improves productivity in all the area of your life. It trains our mind in such a way that we become more focused and able to do more things efficiently.

6-Meditation reduces insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder in which a person has trouble falling asleep. Meditation triggers relaxation and help insomniac person to sleep better.

7- Gold metal helps in Meditation

In our Vedas metal gold has been referred to the most (satvik) purest in all the metals. Gold has been known to acquire a warm aura that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the healing process during Meditation. So you can add few <a rel=”do-follow” href=”https://www.diviniti.com/home-decor”>24ct.gold home decor</a> in order to get best results.

8- Meditation has many styles.

Meditation has many forms- from mindfulness meditation to tree of life meditation, walking meditation to mantra meditation. Each and everyone have its own preference and style. It is important to try every form until you find one that feels right for you.

9- Its a myth that it takes years to receive benefits of meditation.

Many scientific researches have proved that benefits of meditations are both immediate and long-term. Sound sleep is one of the first immediate effects that can be seen with few days of daily meditation. It improves memory and helps regulate stress as well.

10- Everyone experience different things while meditation.

During the state of meditation one can experience many things it can be varied from person to person. Some experience colors other see scenes. It depends upon you how your inner consciousness connects you with the eternal power.

There are various products available online like healing elephant, tree of life, and healing swan which can definitely help in making your Mediation experience blissful.