Significance of Parasurama Jayanti

Parasurama JayantiThe write up tells in detail about Parasurama Jayanti -its history, significance and rituals. Also tells about the importance of the day in terms of business.

Parasurama Jayanti is in commemoration of birth anniversary of Parasurama. The sixth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu was Parasurama. . It comes in the month of Vaisakh (Month of May) and falls on Tritiya (third day) of the Shukla Paksha. Parasurama’s birth denotes the destruction of all evil and restoration of good and signifies a new beginning.

The day is also know as Akshya Tritiya and is very vital date for the business communities. Since Parasurama’s birth was considred the end of evil and beginning of good, it is considered auspicious to begin any new venture, new business. It is commonly believed that fasting and prayer on this auspicious occasion brings in more prosperity and good results than any other day. Hence special fasting and puja is performed by majority of Indians on this day. The rituals include praying in front of an idol or photo frame of Lord.Vishnu and offer sweets, flowers, kumkum, fruits and Tulsi leaves. Those who observe the day keep fast after taking bath and wearing fresh clothes. Cereals and pulses are not eaten during this day. Only fruits, milk and milk products are consumed.

Because Akshay Tritiya marks the beginning of a business year for many, businessmen often celebrate the day with great pomp and show. Customers are invited and are offered sweets. Businessmen also prefer to give token gifts to customers and potential customers on this auspicious occasion as a mark of respect.

The gifts offered to the customers can be varied and can be designed as per requirement. The gifts may be purchased from online gift shops that houses divine items. Like, Diviniti, an online gift shop of religious items stores a myriad of things that can be easily be given as gifts to the customers. The gifts come in wide budget range so that selections can be made as per budget allotted for the purpose. The best part is that the gifts can be customised as per need.

Following are Some of the Items that Can be thought of As Gifts for the Occasion:-

Coins: Nothing goes better as gifts than coins in gold or silver. It is small and can easily be gifted to the guests without making it too obvious. Coins can be in gold, silver or in gold plated variant. Coins are considered auspicious gifts and can definitely be the choice.

Idols: Idols in different variants can also be an ideal gift and highlight the significance of the day. Idols with works of gold foil may be given to special guests.

Frames: Frames of Gods and Goddesses are another gift option. Frames of Vishnu may be given as gifts, keeping the day in mind. These come in different variants and can be procured as per the budget. Frames for cars too can be given for a change. This can especially be given by businesses dealing with car parts, services, etc.

Car Fragrances: Though this might sound strange but car fragrances can be good new-age gifts to customers. The divine fragrances would give a different touch to the choice of gifts.

These are some of the gifts that can be thought of. However, what is important is that the day must be celebrated with purity of soul and with a feeling of sacrifice for God. The blessings of Parasurama must be the highlight of the day.

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