How Can your Bling things up in this Christmas?

photo frames onlineKeeping picture frames of Gods and Goddesses in your home can bring serenity to the environment of the home. So, buy a Jesus photo frame this Christmas.

Christmas is the festival that is celebrated on the eve of the birth of Lord Jesus on 25th December. From children to the old ones in the family, all are found busy decorating the Christmas trees, Idols of Santa Clause, etc. Now, that’s ok but what about your home? Your home also needs a decoration on the eve of Christmas. Isn’t it? So, then let’s not waste any more time and talk about the things that are needed to give the home ambiance a Christmas decor. On Christmas, the first and the most important thing that should come in the list of items to be bought for your home is a picture frames or an idol of Lord Jesus.

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Why Should you Gift Radha-Krishna Idol on A Wedding?

hindu spiritual productsRadha-Krishna idols are quite popular as wedding gifts. There are some reasons behind choosing these Hindu spiritual products for gifting on weddings.

The divine store includes so many different Hindu spiritual products for gifting on occasions like weddings. But why most of the people opt for the Radha-Krishna idols for this special occasion? Is it so auspicious? Before getting into the details, let’s check out the reasons for the popularity of this as a perfect wedding gift.

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Explore Some Divine Gift Ideas for Auspicious Occasions

Looking for something affordable yet divine for gifting in the upcoming auspicious occasion? Then explore the collection of divine picture frames online frames onlineGold is a precious metal all over the world. The heritage of making use of gold is considered prestigious and royal. You can even explore the range of gold-plated glassware, coins, frames, and many more artifacts offered at the divine picture frames online store. The online store offers 24 ct. gold-plated products at the best prices. These items are also chosen for gifting in the most auspicious occasions like Diwali, housewarming functions, etc.

An artistic or aesthetic gift is always more authentic and impressive. Gifting anyone a valuable thing can be the solace to heart of the receiver. Festivals are incomplete without the joy of exchanging gift items. Silver and gold-plated items are considered to be worthy for investment especially when it is all about gifting your loved ones. The online store caters a broad alley of the trendiest yet divine gift ideas including frames, idols of the deities, puja items like thalis, diyas, etc. Continue reading Explore Some Divine Gift Ideas for Auspicious Occasions

Make Your Room Artistic with Modern Chandeliers

Are you looking for some decorative items for your room’s ceiling? Then explore the online gift store and buy a modern chandelier to make your room artistic.

home decorators collectionA chandelier can be perfect solution not only to light up the dining room or the living room but also to add some elegance and class to the home interior. Chandeliers were invented in the ancient days. With time, the designs of these decorative items have also undergone several changes as per the demands and the requirements. These are quite popular in many hotels too to add a touch of royalty to the place. The modern chandeliers come in a plethora of designs and sizes to suit every room’s decor. You can also buy a chandelier from the online store to add light and creativity to your favorite space in your home. This will show its magic when you are having dinner with your friends or enjoying a party in living room. The modern designs are quiet elegant and striking. Any of these can be considered as the centerpiece of the entire home. There are several factors that should be considered before buying a chandelier from the online gift store such as the design, the size, lighting power, the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the material of the chandelier. The perfect combination of all these factors can get you the best one according to your room and your preferences. Continue reading Make Your Room Artistic with Modern Chandeliers

How to Arrange the Deities in the Temple at your Home?

Looking for some religious photo frames for your home? Then explore the online religious store and choose to buy Gods photos online at the best prices.god photosIf there is not specific temple in your home or if you do not have any religious idol of photo frame in your home then it is the right time to buy some spiritual photos and place these in the right positions in your home. You either can buy god photos online or can visit your nearest store to get these for your home. Continue reading How to Arrange the Deities in the Temple at your Home?

Four Tips that to Consider before Buying A Chandelier

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What Is the Significance of Performing Sai Puja?

Diwali is about to come and if you are looking for the perfect gift for a Sai devotee then buy gold coins with Sai Baba carved on them from the online gold coinsShirdi Sai Baba was an influential religious teacher of India who has many disciples. Every year, millions and millions of people visit Shirdi to seek the blessings of him. It is believed that the blessings of Sai Baba have all the powers to transform lives. He is considered as the prime guru or the divine teacher who taught lessons of the ways to lead a moral life. Sai Baba also taught the significance of worshipping and having faith in the Almighty. His teachings gave birth to several devotes of him. Do you also have a close one who is a devotee of Sai Baba? Are you planning to gift him or her something in this Diwali? Then come to Diviniti and buy gold coin having Sai Baba carved on it. In this store, you can get gold-plated coins on brass metal. The carving is done intricately and with perfection. It can be the ideal gift for a Sai devotee. He or she can keep it always with him or her. Continue reading What Is the Significance of Performing Sai Puja?

Significance of Placing Religious Photo Frames at Home

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Rules to Follow While Buying Ganesha Idols for Gifting

Thinking of buying an adorable yet artistic Ganesha idol from the online gift shop? Then follow these rules before making the final selection from the divine giftsYou can find Ganesha idols in different sizes and in different poses in the online gift shop. You might get confused when it comes to making the final selection. But, if you are aware of certain rules and facts, your shopping can be easier and can be executed without any confusion. Want to know the rules before choosing the idol for your home and for gifting? Come, let’s look below.

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4 Religious Sites to visit before the Summer Vacation ends.

4 Religious Sites to visit before the Summer Vacation ends
4 Religious Sites to visit before the Summer Vacation ends

Gone are the days when summer holidays were all about playing in your granny’s courtyard and having fun all day. With the fast-growing Life, playing and chilling is replaced by spending hours on PlayStation and watching Television. In this tech-friendly world, our next generation future has never faced more perilous times. It’s the right time to introduce our children to the spiritual world so that they can imbibe good morals and get to know our culture better. Summer vacations are going to end soon; before it ends there is not a better time to enlighten your child to spirituality by taking them on a quick religious historical trip.

India commonly called “the land of faith” is filled with numerous religious sites, worth going to attain spiritual enlightenment. We have brought you a selective bucket list of religious sites where you can take your children in this summer.

Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves are 29 rock-cut sculptures; it is a fine masterpiece depicting Buddhist religious art situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India. Built around 2nd century BCE the caves represent the teachings of Gautam Buddha. Ajanta caves a UNESCO World Heritage Site would prove to be a perfect destination to introduce your children to Buddhism. It is a great learning site to visit for experiencing Buddhist culture in real.

Timings – Ajanta caves stay open till 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

How to reach – It is easily approachable by air, train or by road since Aurangabad is well connected to the city like Mumbai and Pune.

Ellora Caves

Only at the distance of hundred kilometers from Ajanta, Ellora Caves are famous for Hindu and Jain Monuments. The major attraction of this place is the Cave 16, The Kailash temple which particularly features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world. It is a chariot shaped Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Kailash Temple stores the depiction of hindu mythology that are found in Vaishnavism. It also gives you the visual detailed account of two Hindu Major Epics.

Timings – Perfect time to visit is June to september as the weather remain pleasant. It stays open till 9: AM to 5:30PM.

How to reach – Since it is near to Ajanta caves it is easily accessible by any transport means. Aurangabad is well connected to the major cities like Mumbai and Pune.


Humpi is worth visiting site, it is a group of Monuments situated at the bank of Tungabhadra River. The Virupaksha temple located in Hampi dedicated to Lord Shiva is the beautiful historical site. The intriguing architecture would be the best learnings experience for children.

Timings – 9 to 5 PM
How to reach – The domestic airport is located at the distance of 60 KM and the nearest railhead is at the distance of 13 km.

Elephanta Caves

Dedicated to Hindu God Lord Shiva Elephanta Caves are unique in its own way. Situated on Elephanta Island, Maharashtra Elephanta Caves depicts a detailed account of Hindu mythology. This fabulous site gives a detailed insight about Lord Shiva and their teachings.

Timing – All world heritage sites stays open till 9am to 5:30pm

How to reach – Since Mumbai is the Major City you can easily reach Mumbai by taking any means of Transport. After reaching Mumbai get a taxi or local bus to reach Gateway of India and from there get a ferry to reach Elephanta Caves.

There is nothing better than peeking into the history for learning about our culture and religious roots. Make this summer vacation a spiritual learning experience for your kids. The above religious historical sites not only educate them but also give them a glimpse of our age old spiritual world.

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