Hanuman Story: Why Did Lord Hanuman Take The Panchmukhi Avatar?


In Hindu culture, Lord Hanuman has special importance. This comprehensive guide is all about Lord Hanuman taking the divine Panchmukhi avatar. So, keep reading.

The devotees of Lord Hanuman worship him on Tuesdays for welcoming peace and serenity to their house. They believe that doing so will eliminate all kinds of troubles in their life. One can address Lord Hanuman with tons of names including Pawan Putra and Bajrang Bali

The Reason Why Lord Hanuman Took The Panchmukhi Avatar

The story behind the transition of Panchmukhi Avatar is very divine. In simpler words, Panchmukhi means a five-faced form. The story dates back to when Ravana sought assistance from his brother Ahiravan when Lord Rama defeated him in a war. As a result, Ahiravan thought of a plan and put all the associates of Lord Rama to sleep. 

He then took Lord Rama as well as Lord Lakshman captive. On waking up, they found out that they were in the underworld (Patal Lok). Vibhishan, on gaining consciousness, understood all the tricks of Ahiravan and asked Lord Hanuman for rescuing them.

On reaching the Patal Lok, Lord Hanuman began his search for the brothers. In order to reach them, he must first defeat Ahiravan. Moreover, Ahiravan has a blessing that only a person who extinguishes 5 lamps lit by him at once can kill him. Seeing such a situation, Lord Hanuman took his Panchmukhi avatar and extinguished all five diyas in one blow. Ahiravana was eventually dead and ever since then, devotees began worshipping Lord Hanuman’s Panchmukhi form.

Why Do People Keep Panchmukhi Hanuman At Their Homes/Offices? 

Keeping a Panchmukhi Hanuman photo frame or coin can make your life more blissful. Presenting someone with Panchmukhi Hanuman gold-plated god photos makes them feel that they are a valuable part of your life. Hence, in what forms can you keep the divine blessing of Lord Hanuman with yourself? 

  1. Gold Plated Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo Frame
Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo Frame

Greet positivity in your environment by bestowing 24-Carat Gold Plated Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo Frames. Let happiness prevail in the life of others by gifting 24-carat gold-plated gift items. 

  1. Gold Plated Panchmukhi Hanuman And Yantra Pendant
Panchmukhi Hanuman And Yantra Pendant

The mythical diagram of Sri Yantra is an indication of good’s triumph over evil. Add a divine touch to your life with this 24-carat gold-plated Panchmukhi Hanuman And Yantra Pendant

  1. Gold Plated Panchmukhi Hanuman Coins

Finally, you can worship Lord Hanuman’s Panchmukhi avatar with others by presenting them 24-Carat Gold-Plated Panchmukhi Hanuman Coins. 

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