Here’s How To Send Janmashtami Gifts All Across India


Krishna Janmashtami is one of those celebrated functions in India across many states. The youth in almost every state celebrate it with utmost joy. But mainly, you will find the celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. The attraction of the ceremony is Gopalkala. Many donate graciously for the arrangements of celebrations. They may distribute the frames or symbolise things among devotees for inspiration.

All temples work on decorations throughout the day. Everyone waits for midnight to celebrate the appearance of lord Krishna. On the eighth day of Bhadrapada month, all celebrate their birthday at midnight. Many enthusiasts take the initiative in the celebration and help in preparations.

How to celebrate Janmashtami?

  • Festivities begin from the time of dawn on the day, and it goes on with various kirtans, Japa and other functions. Many devotees fast for the whole day until midnight. Some temples also arrange intimate prayers. Organisers arranged some secluded places with frames instead of a deity. For this, followers can use 24-carat gold plated signature Krishna frames.
  • Meanwhile, some decorate the temples with flowers and petals. They use different incense sticks to keep the surroundings optimistic and fresh.
  • The followers arrange many such programs at temples and participate in them where children perform dramas depicting the incidents from the life of Lord Krishna. Some perform the bhajans and kirtans for others on the stage.
  • Devotees also prepare the Prashad during the day on a large scale.
  • Later in the evening, the pooja of the deity begins, and it starts with the Abhishek of water and milk. Devotees then decorate the deity with new clothes and ornaments.
  • And finally, at midnight, priests pull the curtains for all the devotees to worshipping. At this moment, devotees sing along to various bhajans and kirtans to welcome and celebrate the auspicious moment of birth of Lord Krishna.

Homely celebration and distribution of gifts:

Many who do not possess the deity or can’t go to temples may celebrate the day at home in front of 24-carat gold-plated Krishna dg frames. You can clean as well as decorate for the ceremony. They can show their devotion in home-based celebrations. 

The whole family celebrate this function together by doing decorations all day. Everyone present at the place can contribute something and celebrate the day together. And for those who could not participate in the function, you may send Radha Krishna photo frames ad a loving gift and blessings for the coming time with the help of diviniti.

Diviniti offers a chance to send your love and blessings through gifts of 24-carat gold plated signature Krishna frames all over India. Free shipping up to Rs. 1,999/- made it easy to spread the love with your dear ones.

The Janmashtami is very popular for bringing all devotees of Lord Krishna together. This festival marks enthusiasm and purity of faith among disciples. For these reasons, Diviniti has offered various frames that families can distribute among their close ones as divine gifts.

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