Here Are The Best Gift Items For Festive Season 2022

Festive Season gifts

The festive season is the most beautiful part of the Indian subcontinent. There are so many festivals in the country that sometimes we lose count of them, especially when we enter the winter season. There are lights, colours, patterns, music and movement everywhere during this joyous season. Every corner is bedecked in vibrancy, positivity, glamour and grace. And we all know this: the beautiful festival of lights, Diwali, holds a soft corner in our hearts and sacredly upholds the spirited Indian traditions. Besides being the festival of lights, Diwali is also a remarkable occasion for spreading love and harmony. 

But how do people spread love amid these celebrations in festive Season?

Love has many faces. Sometimes love is an expression, and sometimes love is a hidden feeling. Sometimes it is just a sign of affectionate language. Sometimes love can also be giving a memorable present to our special people. Everyone has their way of depicting love. For those who want to enunciate their love and admiration for their family, friends and lovers, here are some ideas you can explore while keeping your budget in mind.  

Ideas for Navratri 2022 and Durga Puja 2022

From strong MDF photo frames, unique wall clocks to magnificent double glass wall hangings, Diviniti has everything for you in 24-carat gold. The starting prices are Rs.999 to a high range that exceeds Rs.7,999. These products are available in distinctive portraits of Maa Durga and her sacred avatars, specially designed for you for the festive season 2022. Please note all our products are carefully packed and shipped from our warehouse. You do not need to worry if the product is delicate. We take complete care of it. We have been delivering excellence since 1956. 

Gift ideas for Dussehra 2022 and Diwali 2022 

Diwali largely symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. This festival, considered one of the most important among festivals of India, falls on amavashya (new-moon day). This fact is claimed by the Hindu tradition. During this time, people worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. This is a perfect gift for this festival. Diviniti has idols of these deities in 24-carat gold. And if you are missing out on Puja essentials to worship these Gods, we also have Puja Kits for you. You can buy our premium and Diwali Puja kits. These kits consist of Ganga Jal, Red Cloth, White Cloth, Puja Akshat, Turmeric Powder, Roli – Mouli/ Kalawa, Sindoor / Kumkum and much more. Diviniti also has options in silver-lining. You may choose from our silver collection too, if you wish to. We have tons of options under this category. For more, visit the website.  

There is something more: Bhai Dhoj 2022 gift ideas

As we mentioned, festivals never come to an end in the Hindu tradition. And that is our beauty. A festival that celebrates the bond between sister and brother is Bhai Dhoj which is mostly celebrated after Diwali. Let us shed some light on this festival and what all you can give to your brothers and sisters. Some common ideas can be clothes, cash, sweets, flowers, dryfruits. But aren’t these ideas old now? Can we explore something pensive and meaningful? Surely, yes. You can invest in something like 24 carat gold-plated coins. These coins have different sizes, God idols, foils, etc. You can also get them customized according to your ideas. The starting price of this remarkably useful gift item is Rs. 499. You can also check out Diviniti’s ceramic idols. These idols are available in Lord Ganesha. Feel free to explore more on our webpage.

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