Golden Frames to Adorn the Walls of Your Loved Ones

photo frame gifts onlineA beautiful home is the abode of God. Being a member of the household it is your job to bring beauty and glory to add to the honour of your family. When the word ‘family’ is used, the reference is of course not restricted to mean the immediate members who reside in the same house with you. It also includes extended members of your family or even sons or daughters who live abroad. Staying far away from them must get you worried sick assuming their well-being is one of your chief concerns. One way of reducing your stress and ensuring that your loved ones are content and safe is to buy framed gifts.

Framed photos are memorable presents. But you have got to be selective regarding the choice of frames that you are getting for them. Not every frame is suitable for every room. Here are a bunch of suggestions to help you decide what to get for your dear ones. You can go through them to get to know our analytical approach.

Jagannath for the Living Room

Are you familiar with the story of how King Indrayumna had no peace of mind despite having abundant material wealth? His heart was not satiated until he came in contact with the essence of Lord Jagannath. The living room is a place where everybody who comes to the house sits. It should always have an air of warmth and congeniality. People are often not moved by show of mere wealth and power. But when they visit your family at their homes they will be enamoured by an aura of peace and tranquillity if there is a picture of Lord Jagannath in the area of assembly.

Kartikeya for the Bedroom

If there is a recently married couple in the family then surfing through photo frame gifts online is possibly a great idea. You can help set up their new home with grave attention to details. For example, getting a photo frame of Kartikeya could prove to produce some positive results. Kartikeya is the ever youthful warrior God who is a symbol of vitality. Having a framed picture of him around is known for aiding conjugal bliss. It is especially more meaningful if the couple is trying to conceive. Inviting the blessings of Lord Kartikeya could be the building block of a happy family.

Infant Krishna for the Children’s Room

Every child in a Hindu household must be brought up with values that reflect his dharma and lead him to the right path. It is not unknown to anyone that children happen to be the most precious people in the household. They are the apple of our eyes and surrounding them with love and compassion should be one of our priorities. An infant Krishna is the epitome of mischief, affection and compassion. At the next ‘annaprasana’ or a birthday party, gift a golden framed picture of infant Lord Krishna.

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