Republic Day Celebration At Office: Exchanging Corporate Gifts

Corporate Presents And Republic Day Celebrations

Are you having a big Republic day celebration at your workplace? Then, gold plated corporate gifts are what you should keep near you. Continue to read more.

2023 Republic Day marks the 74th Republic Day for our country. The celebration of such a joyous day usually includes full passion and patriotism. When you are having a republic celebration at the office, you will surely have a lot of visitors. Why don’t you buy gold plated gifts and surprise them with something so luxurious?

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List Of Corporate Gifts To Present For Financial Year Beginning Awards

financial year beginning awards

Employees are the foundation of any corporate brand. Know how you can encourage their efforts by giving them financial year beginning awards.

The corporate year beginning marks a brand new start for business. Make a long-lasting impression on your staff, stakeholders and clients with gifts that they will remember forever. Thus, 24-carat gold-plated gift items not only make them feel valued but also encourage them to work harder for the company. 

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How To Strengthen Business Ties Through Corporate Gifts and Awards?


Gifting your employee’s gold-plated customized quotations, bookmarks and honoring them with medals, and awards will motivate them. Know more.

Gifts are always special, especially when it comes from professional relations. The feeling of getting recognized on the career front builds self-confidence and motivates employees to strive towards excellence. Presenting corporate gifts is all about delighting your employees with higher morale. There are several gifting options to choose from like 24K GLD PLT Medals, gold plated trophies, journals, and notebooks, etc. 

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What Is The Significance Of Presenting Financial Year Ending Gifts?

Financial Year Ending Gifts

A present is a small investment which has the potential to gain you great benefits in the future. Unleash the power of financial corporate gifting with gold plated trophies & awards ordered online

Take a step forward to impress your clients, business partners, and employees with perfectly designed corporate gifts.  Choosing an exquisite present is tough in itself, especially when it involves your professional life. However, a thoughtful gift, mento, award, and trophy bought online from reputable stores can help strengthen business ties. Give memorable gift items to celebrate closing large deals, impress clients and appreciate prospects. 

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Psychology Behind Choosing the Right Corporate Gifts For Professionals

corporate gifts- diviniti

Companies have long relied on the power of gifting to secure better relationships with existing & prospective clients. Choose premium quality 24-carat gold plated corporate gifts.  

Corporate gifting gives employers a chance to create a touchpoint with clients, business partners, and employees through a unique gift. Whether the item is a practical memento or a hamper or a customized piece is not important. What truly matters to your employees is the act of honoring their effort exclusively. Corporate gifts, thus create a sense of connection in the professional community and help in fostering a positive attitude. Moreover, according to marketing experts, this is an efficient employee retention effort that can boost ROI and guarantee satisfaction. 

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Acknowledge Employees’ Achievements With Personalized Corporate Gifts

Personalized Corporate Gifts- diviniti

A brilliant way to show your clients that you care about them is by rewarding them with a specially designed corporate gift. You can choose one from Diviniti’s gold-plated gift items.

A well-thought gift speaks of mutual admiration, goodwill, respect and is also a sign of welcoming new beginnings. Research says that 85% of consumers do business with an organization after they receive a corporate gift. However strange that sounds, but cannot be overlooked. Today, a carefully crafted memento, customized trophies, and awards, or personalized souvenirs speak volumes about the organization and its philosophy. Presenting the human side of the business will be much more appreciated by clients and business partners

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The Most Unique Gifts to Present to Your Colleagues: Get Ideas Here

fancy corporate gifts

Buy fancy divine gifts, corporate gifts, unique divine idols from the best online gift platform. Spread happiness by giving personalized presents to your loved ones.

Are you contemplating on what presents to buy your colleagues at work? We are here to ease your dilemma and also, help you choose the best corporate gifts available online. 

Initially, the whole concept of gifting was only restricted to birthdays but with changing times it became more pronounced. Exchanging gifts on special occasions like Diwali or New Year among working professionals in offices depicts a strong bond of trust and gratitude among employers and employees. It is a great gesture to keep employees motivated to strive towards excellence and improve their working standards. 

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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees at Year-End

Unique Corporate GiftEmployees work hard throughout the year for the growth of the company and this is the time to make them happy with unique corporate gifts.

The most important asset of a company is the employees. They work extremely hard for the success and growth of a company. Your employees work hard day and night and that is why your company is at a place where you feel proud and established. These people are the building blocks and the powerhouse of your company. Employees listen to all your demands, complaints and try to fulfil your expectations. Some of you might be thinking that they get a paycheck at the end of a month but that is not enough. It is extremely important to appreciate them and encourage them. It will yield fruitful results for your company and will also increase productivity. Since year-end already here why don’t you make it special for them by giving unique corporate gifts online? A small gesture like this will give them immense joy and happiness. Continue reading Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees at Year-End

10 Things You Might Not Know About Meditation

Tree of Life – Home Decor: Meditation/Recreational Goods

Meditation is a state of consciousness where the mind is free from all scattered thoughts. Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. It means awareness. Whatever you do with consciousness is meditation. During the state of meditation, one can realize that all his activity of the mind is reduced to one. It is a state of Deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. Gautam Buddha teachings also mentioned the power of Meditation. It awakens the feeling of self responsibility and self respect among people. It fosters spiritual progress by engaging the thinking power of human being.

Gone are the days when people use to think that meditation is something that can be only achieved by sitting in yogi pose and chanting prayers. One can meditate while doing his daily chores as well. If done right meditation can be as quick as breathing.
Surprisingly after all the popularity, still today very few people truly know what meditation is all about. Here we have summed it up 10 things about meditation you still need to know.

1- Meditation is a state of Thoughtless Awareness

Some people think that meditation is the mental concentration on something; we imagine something that gives us peace and satisfaction. In reality, it is not an act of doing but an act of self-awareness. A person can be in meditation while doing his daily work. One just needs to know what state of mind makes him feel connected to himself. You don’t need to sit in a fancy lotus pose on the top of the hill to meditate.

2- Meditation is more than relaxing

It is true that the core purpose of meditation is to relax the mind and body to attain inner peace. But meditation creates self awareness and nurtures the mind to work efficiently. Meditation trains your mental ability to become more alert and aware.

3- Meditation makes you a happy person

When we meditate our parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, it tells our body to keep calm and rest. This calming effect allows us to help breathing slower which sets our mood happier.

4- Meditation is not a complex concept

There is a common myth about meditation is that it’s a difficult things which can be attain with practice. There is no right or wrong way to meditate; you create your own experiences while meditating. You just need to figure out what works for you.

5- Meditation makes us more efficient-

Meditation boosts concentration and improves productivity in all the area of your life. It trains our mind in such a way that we become more focused and able to do more things efficiently.

6-Meditation reduces insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder in which a person has trouble falling asleep. Meditation triggers relaxation and help insomniac person to sleep better.

7- Gold metal helps in Meditation

In our Vedas metal gold has been referred to the most (satvik) purest in all the metals. Gold has been known to acquire a warm aura that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the healing process during Meditation. So you can add few <a rel=”do-follow” href=””> home decor</a> in order to get best results.

8- Meditation has many styles.

Meditation has many forms- from mindfulness meditation to tree of life meditation, walking meditation to mantra meditation. Each and everyone have its own preference and style. It is important to try every form until you find one that feels right for you.

9- Its a myth that it takes years to receive benefits of meditation.

Many scientific researches have proved that benefits of meditations are both immediate and long-term. Sound sleep is one of the first immediate effects that can be seen with few days of daily meditation. It improves memory and helps regulate stress as well.

10- Everyone experience different things while meditation.

During the state of meditation one can experience many things it can be varied from person to person. Some experience colors other see scenes. It depends upon you how your inner consciousness connects you with the eternal power.

There are various products available online like healing elephant, tree of life, and healing swan which can definitely help in making your Mediation experience blissful.

Best Corporate Gifting Company India | Diviniti

Best Corporate Gifting Company India


The idea of creating a top of the line spiritual brand with its ethos deeply embedded in age old tradition was conceived over 60 years ago. The journey which started as a passion has traversed number of milestones both in creativity and uniqueness of designs, making the brand “Diviniti‘ world’s leading gifting company for Corporate’s as well as for personal Gift ideas. 

Diviniti started manufacturing its unique 24ct Gold Encased products in its own ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plant in India using Swiss Technology and has been a pioneer in introducing 24ct gold encased products in the country. 

Blessed by almost all the Presidents of our Country from Hon. Dr. Rajendra Prasad to Hon. Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Diviniti has the unique identity of being the official gift partner of Rashtrapati Bhavan, and is honored to design the official memento of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. And has also got the privilege to design the Badge of Sacrifice and Certificate of Honour for the Defence Services of the country. 

Apart from being the official supplier of spiritual products to majority shrines like Vaishno Devi temple, Shirdi Sai nath temple, Somnath temple, Ambaji, Tirupati and many others, Diviniti has also proudly cater to customized gifting requirements of all major corporates in both public and private sector. 

Whatever may be the quantity required, and working on all budget range,  Diviniti has successfully catered to all requirements of our Corporates within the time frame promised to them. With various options of designing and Branding opportunities, we have catered to all needs of our Corporate partners, always maintaining the best quality at all parameters. And it is because of this attitude and dedication to serve you with the best,

Diviniti today has become the market leader in 24 carat Gold Encased Corporate Gifts  and Home Decor products and Consider as Best Corporate Gifting Company India. We are proudly serving to the world leaders in all industries whether its  Automobile, Pharma, Government & PSU, leading Banks and more. Few of our valued and respected patrons are Maruti, Honda, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Airport Authority of India, Dabur india, Panasonic, Ambuja Cement, Samsung, ONGC, PHD, Powergrid, Max New York life, Cipla, Amity International School and many more. 


List Of Top 10 Corporate Gifts or Corporate Gift ideas are 

Tree of Life 

Tree Of Life For Corporate GIfts

Available in an option of Double Glass or MDF frame, 24 carat Gold Encased Tree of Life reflects to the corporate structure of the organisation emphasizing on the relation of Senior Management as roots, the strength of the tree and middle management and other employees as essential lifeline leaves and branches of the corporate.  With its availability in many sizes and accordingly in different budget range, Tree of Life is one of our most liked and in demand corporate gift. For more information call us at  919570990022, 919899552944

Acrylic/MDF Trophies

Acrylic Trophy for Corporate Gifts


Available in various sizes and with an option of acrylic or MDF base to chose from, Diviniti 24ct Gold Encased Trophies are also quite a popular Corporate Gift productGold Encased Certificates printed in colors of your choice, with the presence of Company Logo, signatures of the Authority/Department Heads, encased on a beautiful Double Glass or MDF frame, matches the proud feeling of both the beholder and the Presenter. The premium quality used in manufacturing, and option of choosing the size makes these mementos Durable and cost effective and top rated product in our Corporate range. For more information call us at  919570990022, 9555966666 or send your inquiry at

Ceramic or Resin Ganesha Idol

Resin Ganesha Idol for corporate gifts

Fully handcrafted and designed by Diviniti craftsmen, decorated using Swarovski crystals or 24ct Gold embedded jewellery, Diviniti God Idols  are a pure and spiritual luxury. The smooth finish and soft colors used as base, and a universal acceptance as a blessing of good luck and positive energy, Diviniti idols are highly chosen gift by all.  For more information call us at  919570990022, 9555966666 or send your inquiry at

Table Top Watches

Table top watches for Corporate Gifts

Aluminium built tilted base giving a nice metallic shine, and a round rotating crystal ball with a option to encase your company logo or a religious figure in 24ct Gold foil on one side, and a watch on other side, the table top watch also adds to one of our quality Corporate desktop accessory product chosen by many partners as an exclusive gift for their employees and management. For more information call us at  919570990022, 9555966666 or send your inquiry at



Shankh frames For Corporate Gifts


Shankh, is of great importance and symbolizes luster, brilliance, purity and auspicious. It is associated with the sacred syllable OM, and because of these attributes, it is an highly chosen and accepted Gift. Diviniti 24 carat Gold Encased shankh is beautifully designed that adds an enlightening aura to the home/office decor. The unique design and highlighted features makes it a style statement and a perfect Gift idea for all occasion.  For more information call us at  919570990022, 9555966666 or send your inquiry at

Wall Clocks

Diviniti wall clock For corporate gifts

Diviniti wall clock Designed with a focus on creating a line of high – end product that moved with high quality, precision movements and incorporating stunning designs that are work of art all by themselves, Diviniti designer wall clocks with its many designs and option of branding available, adds to our range of lifestyle focused gift ideas for associates/employees.  For more information call us at  919570990022, 9555966666 or send your inquiry at

Gold Plated Coins

Gold Coins for gifts


Divniti – Best Corporate Gifting Company India offers 24ct Gold Plated Diviniti Coins are great gifts for festivals and many special occasions. Small size, durability, cost effective and nice packaging with options of Lakshmi Ganesh, Sai Baba, Om, Durga, Shiva etc to choose from, makes them a unique and widely chosen gift for large quantity requirements by many Corporate’s and individuals.  For more information call us at  919570990022, 9555966666 or send your inquiry at

Premium Incense Sticks


Premium Incense Sticks for Corporate gifts

Divniti – Best Corporate Gifting Company India offers Premium Incense Sticks Crafted using all natural ingredients like pure essential oils, petals, roots, resin etc .without any chemicals, scents, colors or preservatives, Diviniti premium incense stick are artisanally hand ground, mixed and rolled in small batches. The entire process of manufacturing and use of natural ingredients give these incense stick a unique, soothing, relaxing fragrance and very little smoke while burning. These characteristics and availability in many fragrance to choose from, and in a beautiful packaging makes Diviniti incense sticks a widely chosen and desired spiritual gift by all. 

Other budget friendly highly liked premium quality corporate gift range includes metallic/wooden or acrylic based 24ct Gold encased keychains, with an option to use your company logo/ design or any religious figure of your choice with branding 


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